welcome mom

you might be my mom reading this.  you might be someone else’s mom.  welcome.

i’m a mom myself, and a grandma, and having played all three roles i am going to write about the universal experiences of having children and having parents.

i’m not going to write about my family of origin, except tangentially.  the universal experience is much more broad than that.  i’m going to write about everyfamily.  everydysfunctionalfamily.   and nobody is modeled on my real family.  mom is actually me.  the eldest daughter is actually my kid.  the youngest sister is actually a crazy person i know.  the eldest son is actually my ex the ax murderer, the youngest son is a friend of my husband’s.  my family contains more than four siblings.  any resemblances to my real family, living or dead, is coincidental, and a product of birth-order psychology.

even tho the url says kill mom, and the story is about disrespectful children, please don’t be concerned for your safety.  in this story, wickedness and evil are self limiting, and everybody gets what they deserve.  mom comes out smelling like roses, with her heart’s desire, and the respect she deserves.  how could there be a better ending?

i’d like it if you wanted to leave comments on the various posts.  i’d love to know how you’re finding it, and what you think, and what you think goes a little too far, and what’s definitely too far.  as you well know i won’t necessarily take your advice, but i’ll think you’re great for caring enough to tell me.

with blogs, which this is, the oldest posts are at the bottom of the page, and if you want to read it the way it was written, you’d do that.  but you can start at the top if you want.  if all you want to do is read the fiction, you’ll see a category called Story in the sidebar to your right, and that’ll have all the chapters, posted as i write them, from newest on top to oldest on the bottom.

you know, mom, you really should consider getting your own blog.  you can write about anything you want to, and people with like minds will read what you write and maybe comment and want to discuss the topic.  that’s more than you can expect from your children, and that’s why i find it so satisfying myself.

so, welcome to my head as i turn out some really fast fiction for the month of november.  it’s a project for nanowrimo, a contest where you try to write 50,000 words in a month, and this is my third year doing it.

your daughter


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