author’s note

well, i’m now on the last chapter.  judy’s on death row, and everybody else (that’s left) are getting on with their lives.  it’s all epilogue from here.

i’ve had some trouble the last few days, winding it all up.  when i was dealing with the trial, i wasn’t sure how to arrange it, what tone to take in certain parts.  i ended up putting it all in a short little outline, filling it all out, and then rearranging the parts until it read smoothly.

like i reversed the order of mom’s and allen’s testimony, and took judy’s point of view out of the whole trial.  and then i summed up the other charges in third person omniscient.

but now i’ve just got to fill out stuff that’s already been written, mainly.

except yesterday i came across this very moving radio podcast interview given by a woman who was to die several weeks later of cancer.  and it was all about death and living and dying, and her point was that when the joy goes out of life you might as well be dead.  and i was so moved by it that i took her attitude straight to judy and wrote her musings as she waits for her execution.

so, that was good.

i’ve got lots of little bits sitting at the end of my document; stuff i’d cut and pasted into the back of the story because it was too good to throw out immediately and not appropriate for where i had written it originally.

and i may or may not put it in.  but since i’m at the very end, it may well get left out.

and then it’s on to the second draft.

except i’m going to spend the rest of my nanowrimo time (half a month) working on my memoirs, which i won’t be posting.  just so you know.


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