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this novel, a blog in progress

this online novel i’m writing, it’s a work in progress.  i’ve only got the barest year’s worth of haphazard notes written down, and since i’ve started this blog on which to pseudopublish my novel as i write it, i find that i’m putting all my thoughts down on computer instead of paper.

so this is a record of how my novel gets written.

when i start writing, i will be writing in word, but i will have this blog up and will be noting whatever thoughts come to mind that i need in order to write it.  there’ll be a browser open to check out my facts and document my assertions.

when i wrote love’s got nothing to do with it (unpublished, 1984) i wrote it all out in longhand before transcribing it to a computer, which i then edited hundreds of times.  by the time  i wrote splat (2005), everything was documented in a little notebook that i carried around with me. when i wrote cathy eats her words (2007, 2008) i wrote the whole thing online, and to the tune of nanowrimo, and only wrote on it in november for two years.  it remains to be finished.

writing to nanowrimo, i find that i don’t pay a lot of attention to atmosphere or psychological justifcation.  i’m too busy getting down the dialog and progressing the plot.  i’ve got a firm sense that i don’t have a lot of time to waste, and so i leave the pretty stuff for the rewrite, if any, should someone be interested.

if i put everything down in a notebook, or in a blog entry, then later on i can go hunting for it, when i remember i’ve forgotten it.


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