author’s note

well, i’m finished with my novel.  it seems strange, but there you have it.

when i got to the end, when judy has her last words, i was really depressed, because the only other thing i could write was all of the biblical crap that mom adorned judy’s literary efforts with.

but someone had posted a joke on facebook earlier, and i passed it on, and when i was talking to jim about why i was so depressed just to leave it like that, the joke suddenly occurred to me, and it fit right in.

little serendipities, little miracles.

so it’s done now, and swells the ranks of actual novels that i’ve actually completed.  there’s splat, and there’s this one that i’ve finished.  there’s construction news, cathy eats her words, lazy is good, my pirate novel, the starving artist guide, bad grandma, and my memoirs.  they’re unfinished.  hey, it’s a great average.  so far none of them are published.  my dad ran that kind of average, and he never stopped writing.

you do it because you love to do it.  you do it because you have to do it.  it’s an internal pressure.  it’s an addiction.

so now i’ll let it sit until i feel like reworking it. and then i’ll either rework it or write something completely different.  the fun is in the writing.  i don’t really care if they’re published, unless i live for a long time and end up making a living as a writer.  i’m not making a living as a painter, and that doesn’t stop me, so we’ll just have to see.

it’s been fun.  it’s been difficult at times, but when the flow started all i had to do was sit back and type as fast as i could, record as much richness as i could of the stream of scenes and dialog that streamed past my mind’s eye.

i love to write.  there’s something more direct about my connection to the flow when i’m writing than when i’m paintings.  i don’t have to think as much about my materials when they are words as opposed to pigments, binders, and implements.

i hope to be writing for a long time to come, as long as i have ideas.  maybe i should start with short stories, but i don’t like stopping at the end of the chapter.

start here to read the story…


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