author’s note

i’ve posted two bits of my novel in process, and haven’t had a single hit.  it feels just like it did when i had a radio show in college, at 5 am.  theoretically it’s out there among the people, but it all sounds like snoring to me.  of course, you don’t actually want to read what i’m writing, because it’s pretty nasty shit, especially now at the climax.  and it’s not well written or anything, just a first draft.  but i’m having fun with it, and have no idea how i’m going to get things to happen.

that doesn’t bother me.  if you pay attention to the process, the story writes itself.  just like the physical act of typing.  once it becomes reflexive, i  can shut my eyes and wail away at the keys, and hit the furthest keys accurately, without thought – or as fast as thought.  typing becomes a quantum activity, where it appears instantaneously, out of nowhere.  i don’t recognize the words when i proofread later.

that’s why i’m writing.


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