day 1

Chapter Twenty-Seven continued

Gordon and Laurie ran out of movie dialog halfway to Mom’s house. Gordon was feeling kind of queasy in his stomach, and Laurie’s throat was hoarse from screaming at him about his evil mother. He couldn’t think with all the noise, but once she settled down, he was faced with a mind blank of any plans. He tried to think. Laurie tried to irritate him doing her nails. The nail polish had a funny smell, but Gordon only noticed the volatile organics, inhaling deeply to get a hit.

How to kill Mom was the issue. How precisely. Like all his siblings, Gordon was long on resentment, but had little follow-thru. If he could wake up out of a fog to find his mother dead and purple beneath his clutched hands, he would be okay with that. But having to actually take the action himself was rather distasteful. After all, he loved his mother, and didn’t want to see her suffer. So maybe if he closed his eyes…

Frank had the right idea. Gordon had long suspected that Frank was behind a bunch of the recent accidents at Mom’s house, and he’d slyly confirmed his suspicions at the big dinner at Mom’s, when he’d asked probing questions about the various hazards Frank’d been working on. It seems Frank was tireless in his efforts to do Mom in, and nobody ever noticed. Too bad he hadn’t hit the jackpot before he died, Gordon mused.

But maybe he – Gordon the Good – could help out, posthumously. Frank had innocently pointed out a few little solutions to some of the problems around Mom’s house, just waiting to be triggered. Besides the structural insufficiencies Frank had helped along, there were various devices – The Exploding Tea Kettle(tm), the Electrode Foot Spa(tm), the Gas-Chamber Facial Steamer(tm).

But the Welcome Mat of Death(tm) seemed to be the most immediately useful device, and Gordon whipped up a quick scheme as they were turning into the neighborhood. It had been sitting on the front porch for several years, and hadn’t gone off simply because it had never gotten wet. The best laid plans…So the first thing Gordon did after he parked the car was to grab it up off the porch, and walk it around to the carport, where he laid it right on top of the dip between the driveway and the path to the back yard. Everybody always took the little shortcut, and with all the rain it was a puddle of water that the mat just barely covered. And this was great, because it meant the bottom of the mat – and its electrical connections and batteries – were not just wet but really wet, and anybody stepping on the mat would be fried. Frank would be proud.

It was the best he could come up with on the spur of the moment, and it meant carefully steering Mom over the mat, when she might not want to go outside, in that direction, in the rain, at night. But Gordon the Mesmerizer had the power to make anybody bend to his will, and his mother was the biggest sap of all when it came to her baby’s will. So it was settled, and he had only to arrange the outcome. Piece of cake. He stood in the carport and watched the rain fall on the welcome mat, and felt around in his pockets for something to celebrate with.

As for Laurie, her plan was to scratch the old bat’s eye’s out. Mom’s kids had each had that impulse in turn, but abandoned it because it was obviously just a revenge fantasy, without any practicality. A blind Mom would make their lives infinitely worse when she came to live with the perpetrator for the rest of their days. But Laurie didn’t have that worry. Because she had poison-tipped fingernails. It gave her a certain level of warm satisfaction to scoop up coke and watch Gordon inhale deeply from the tip of her little finger. She made sure to scratch his cheek as he threw his head back and vacuumed his nostrils, and gave him a challenging look when he complained. She searched for a movie reference, but nothing occurred to her.

They stood there in the carport, waiting aimlessly. He put his arm around her and she leaned into it, making them both stagger. They moved over to Mom’s car and stood propped against it, cuddling. Gordon reached for a feel and Laurie let him, responding more as she remembered where she was and what they were going to do. Pretty soon they were fucking on the hood of Mom’s minivan, as much in the shadows as two white skinned humping creatures can be.


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