to finish a plot

i’ve just finished reading what i’ve got so far.  there was more, but it got deleted.

when we left off, cindy and tsindee (whatever) were getting ready to face the dragon and the witch.  they confer at the head of the stairs, do more drugs, and merge into one person, who is doubly insane and intent on killing mom.

gordon and laurie were heading to mom’s house to kill her.  gordon had a plan, not sure what laurie was up to.

judy is also heading to mom’s to kill her.

gordon has swiped a lethal device from frank, an electrified welcome mat, and is trying to set it up on mom’s front steps.  but it needs a pool of water so he puts it around the corner under the downspout (it has rained) and plans on luring mom over it.  but judy comes along, recognizes it, doesn’t like seeing it in the water and moves it.

mom and allen defend themselves against the whole cindy.  cindy retreats out into the back yard.

laurie is doing something nefarious in the bushes.  don’t know what just yet.  cindy sees her and gets upset, tries to shoot her.

judy intervenes, her hand on the gun, when it goes off, killing laurie.

the shot brings allen and mom to the door.  gordon pulls his trap, leading mom to where to electrified mat is, but he steps on it instead and fries himself.

cindy turns to face mom, wavers between seeing the witch and seeing mom, finally says something sane, and dies suddenly.

judy gets blamed for all the deaths.

cindy because she’s been poisoned and they can trace the poison back to judy.  they can also make judy an accessory to bill’s death (he was found dismembered in one of his trucks this morning (cindy/czingdy)) and the others attributed to the serial killer.  cindy gets blamed for gordon because it’s frank’s device with judy’s handpainted dust mat.  she gets blamed for laurie because why???  because she had her hand on cindy’s when she pulled the trigger and now has powder on her hand, and when she snatched the gun away she put it in her pocket, ever the packrat.  and how in the world does she get blamed for rick’s death?  poison again?  he ate a chocolate.  several chocolates.  maybe he died of massive poisoning rather than being beaten to death.  she’s charged with all the attempts on mom’s life, the gunshots, the car attacks, the sabotages, even all of frank’s devices are blamed on her.

sam and dave meet mom, who is the only one to get the joke, and they serenade her with a new song every time.  the mercenaries come back, mom is delighted to help them, lets allen ‘run’ the business thru a competent management team (sam and dave, who continue to report to the fbi).   alice and ben get together and visit mom often with the kids.  ben makes a living mashing up security footage.  mom and allen get married.  she holds the purse strings and always has something for him to so, but allen turns out to like mom’s sexual proclivities.  mom prays for judy, who is in jail on death row.

in actuality, mom has gotten her dearest wish with respect to everybody around her.  the results are all things she’s been praying for, in a manner of speaking.

she wished judy would learn her lesson

she wished somebody would rick slap rick upside the head

she wished cindy would…fall down dead with embarrassment (she pissed herself in public)

she wished gordon would…take responsibility for himself (which he never)

she wished bill would…eat shit and die?

she wished laurie would…eat shit and die?

she wished alice would…do something with her life

she wished allen would…be a real man??? (how to define this)

she wished she would…finally get the respect and attention she deserved


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