my excuses

or, why i’m not writing right now.

i see i’m getting a lot of new readers because i listed on blog catalog.  this is a good thing, and welcome all.  i’m at the very climax of my story as i write this, some 27 chapters into it.  i already see what i have to do to the second draft to make it approach what i originally had in mind.  this first draft is turning out sketchier than i wanted, but the idea is to get it done.

however, shit happened.

my exhusband fell down the stairs and broke his neck and both wrists, and had to come and stay with me after he got out of the hospital.  so we had a family xmas.  it was fun.  and then he be’d a really bad patient and left in a snit on the full moon, but that’s a story i’m telling here.

anyway, i’ve been busy, and i’ve got swine cold, again.

am i right  – i’ve been catching what passes for swine flu over and over again since this summer.  i keep getting the same head cold, and it goes mostly away and then i get it again.  we pass it around the family.  is this how we’re all getting swine flu?  is it that we keep catching something mild again and again until our immune system is sapped and we get walking pneumonia and die?

that’s what i think.

anyway, i’m tending to family stuff right now, and trying to laze about and do nothing so i can recover, but that’s not happening.  you can’t justify sitting in bed all day reading a book and sleeping when you’ve got a swine head cold and a grandbaby and a grown daughter who’s as needy as her father with the broken neck.

i hardly ever see jim these days.


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