author’s note

i wrote half a section the day before yesterday, and my ex father in law came into town and visited, so i spent all day cleaning (and he never got past the kitchen).  i’ll write more tomorrow.  not that anybody’s reading, but thanks for your patience.

i’m almost to the end.  in my notes, we’re at the point where the owner goes down, and after that there’s nothing left but killing everyone off, and then wrapping everything up.  this is three sections.  in my notes.  in reality, i expect it’ll take a whole day’s work killing each one off.  on the other hand, i could just go right thru it, like i did the death of frank.

i was a little hesitant after i wrote frank’s death.  there was my first character dead, and i had so many more to go, it all seemed a little much, emotionally.  so i was reluctant to go back to work the next day, and i planned to sit in bed and read, or sleep (swine head cold relapse), or even paint.  but the internet was down momentarily, so i went back to work on my story.  and then i felt fine.  so much for mourning.


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