author’s note


i’m too tired to continue.  i’m right in the middle of the day after the dinner at mom’s and all hell is breaking loose.  but i’m tired.  jim’s already in bed.  i’ve worked most of today, minus a few interruptions that i don’t even remember now.  he’s mostly okay now, tho he had a fever in the night.  i’ve gotten him under the covers wirh hot chocolate and hot bread and butter, but he’s also worked a good deal on his painting downstairs.  he’s on the mend, but we’re still treating him as if he were sick.  it’s the safest way.

i wrote this earlier.  you can tell because there’s capitalization.  which i never do voluntarily.  not since the internet was invented.

When everything’s in outline or notes form, it’s all the eternal now.  Continuous present.  If i have an idea i like the sound of, i’ll repeat it a bunch of times (all the time at this moment).  If i have a trait i want to develop, i’ll write out all the permutations at once, and then scatter them like seeds thru the newly opened pages of my unwritten book.  Everything gets filled in and voila i’ve got a weed-filled novel.

The first few chapters are pretty sparely outlined, but they’ve also been thought about more than the others, in the beginning.  As the plot flows on, more and more things have to be followed-thru on, and more events spawn further events that have their own consequences.  All of this has to be tracked, or there’ll be a mess of unsatisfying loose ends when the story is finished.  And you’d be surprised how many readers will notice even the smallest loose end.  But there was a gun on the wall in the first scene, they scream.

Attention to detail issues.  that’s always been valid a criticism of me.  sloppiness.  she could really excel if she would apply herself.

Spending a lot of time building the scenes.  So much has to happen.  Dinner last night cinched it for several of them – now they have to figure out and implement ways of killing mom.  Innovative ways.  I’m running out of ways, tho i should just pay attention to news reports.

Plus my internet connection is down.  They say it’s my modem, and there’s a guy due out on tuesday.  Good thing i don’t have internet phone.  Magic jack and those vonage accounts.  You’re fucked when the internet goes down.  And in my house it goes down a lot.  Even tho cable is always on and it’s the same wire.  (?)

Peoples’ stuff is about them, never you.  So when my kid saw one of my character’s names as being close to hers, she assumed i’d modeled the character on her.  I had modeled a character on her, of course, but it was a completely different character, and i chose the name according to its characteristics, and it had nothing to do with my kid, just a coincidence.  But she can’t see it that way, and sees everything wrapping around her.  But my universe is wrapped around me.  Older people see this better, i guess.  We’ve had it pointed out a bunch of times.

so tomorrow more writing.  wee ha.  my grandkid comes back tomorrow afternoon, so i hope i’ll be up early.


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