author’s note

well, i’ve been working for several hours, but no two back to back.  people have come over, i’ve had to go help my kid put up her first xmas tree.  jim’s up and around with no more fever.  we’re watching to see he doesn’t get cold.  we went to an encaustic art show at the stacks of the cotton mill lofts.  the place that burned.  today and were happily impressed.  saw an old friend, sal.  it’s such a small world.

it’s time to walk the dogs and eat, and get jim into bed, in the best way.  i might come back to work, but it’s the day after dinner at mom’s and that’s full of angst for everybody, so it’s going to take thru tomorrow.

i’m shocked at how close to the end we’re getting.  all the action still has to happen, but it’s going to be breakneck.  there are only three more pages of notes left to my plot.  oh my god.

then i’ll have to go on and do something else.  like my mom’s quilt.


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