author’s note

well, i did 4000 words today.  who’d’a thought?  that’s 61,629 words, or 123 pages at single spaced 12-point times.

jim sat in bed most of the day, with a fever around 99.  we didn’t give him any aspirin, and made him drink water.  his blood pressure was normal.  his blood sugar was a little high.

so i wrote.  my daughter, subject of a future novel, had a continuing crisis to deal with.  i’ll probably have forgotten the details by the time i get around to writing it, which she’ll be happy about.  oh well.  you can’t make this shit up, so you might as well take notes.

i thought it would take me two days to get thru dinner.  it took so long to get food on the table, and there was so much to cover over dinner.

tomorrow we get to deal with the morning after mom’s dinner party.  people are going to wake up wicked.  stay tuned.


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