author’s note

yesterday jim came down with swine fever.  i had swine head cold last week.  but he suddenly had a fever of 102, and today it was 101.  i made him stay in bed all day.  but he’s eating and responding to aspirin.  won’t drink the nasty medicine, tho.  don’t blame him.

today and yesterday i wrote more of chapter nineteen.  we have not yet gotten to dinner in this chapter.  it gets served next, but damn.

58,709 words, 120 pages.  still no-one has died.

i didn’t know mom was going to have sex with frank today.  i was very surprised when she chose the walk in.

interesting about the swine flu.  i keep getting what i have to conclude is the swine head cold.  or sometimes the swine stomach flu.  i haven’t had the swine classic flu with fever yet.  but here’s jim, well out of the normal range of those who get swine flu (he’s in his 70s) and he’s got a pretty credible fever.  but no other symptoms of flu.  of course, he just came down with it last night, and sometimes fever is only the first symptom.  but according to cdc and the who if you’ve just got snot and a sore throat you don’t have swine flu.  so, swine head cold.  that’s my own private theory, anyway.

here’s another swine flu theory.  we’re all going to spend the next couple of winters catching the same thing over and over again, and pretty much being sick all winter.  this is how i think the swine flu pandemic will play out.  some of us will have worse bouts and more infections, and others will only get the sniffles.  so here’s my vote for relapsing or catching the flu again every three weeks for six months.

anyway, i’m going to bed.  i’m still loving the writing.  it’s cathartic, and very educational, about myself only, of course.  but that’s why we write.  either that, or to let others know what we’ve accumulated over the years, which is never as worth reading as it was writing it.  at least, my daughter thinks so.


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