author’s note

since national novel writing month is now over, and i’m one of 200,000 participants, which is kind of cool, i have to keep my word count myself.  i didn’t avail myself of the community, which is extensive, and offers all kinds of support.  but i did tally my word count every day, and it was nice to see it surging toward full.  so oh well.

today i did 2300 ish words, for 56,000.  i’m still on chapter nineteen.  i really like to write.  i love making things up, and following things where they want to go.  like following geese and slipping in all that nasty gooseshit.  it’s fun, except in high heels.

it’s a full moon.  lots of shit is hitting the fan these last few full moons, and i guess tonight is no exception.  my kid’s out there doing foolish things tonight, and i hope she’s safe.

at least i know where my mother is, and she’s safe and sound.  love you, mom.


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