author’s note

i’m over 50,000 with a whole lot more to go.  but now i can post the cute nanowrimo sticker.  ooh.

i’m writing chapter 19 which is where the shits starts to hit the fan, at dinner at mom’s.  but so far i’ve gotten only to the first guests.  i have to introduce all the guests to each other a couple at a time, and only then will i be able to drop several bombshells.  only when dinner itself actually starts will it be chapter 20.  god, this is stretching out.

tomorrow is the last day of nanowrimo, and i’m going to have to continue the story to the end or give it up, so i’ll be continuing.  but it’s likely to be interrupted.

cuz at this point i have a head cold (swine flu) and need to sleep more.  and the baby is going home tomorrow, so i’m likely to take tuesday off and sleep.

this middle part is where i’m doing all the work.  all the interactions have to start firing and tangling, and everyone’s animosities have to be voiced plainly.  this is all very difficult to write.  but it’s fun.

on the other hand, i have xmas presents to work on, so i’ve got to hurry this up.


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