author’s note

1420 word outline.

my brother is gone at 11 and i’m sitting here organizing the chapter.  there was so much that i thought to put in because of having family here during the holiday, but when i get back to the outline it all disappears.  maybe some of it will resurface when i’m in the middle of typing.

despite swine flu (a head cold) i’m still plunking away, tho i did sleep for several hours this afternoon, a heavy period of unconsciousness that had me cranky for awhile afterwards.

i wrote some this evening, and have surpassed 50,000 words, but none of it is publishable here, so you’re not going to see the fruits of my labor until tomorrow.  no guests, the baby’s sickish so he’ll be in bed all day, and i should get some work done.  three more days, i think.  no.  two more days.


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