author’s note

yesterday i started with a 650 word outline.

it’s getting harder to write because of all the anger and killing that’s starting to happen.  i’ll try to make it funnny, of course…but there’s a lot of emotional wear and tear on a person right around thanksgiving, the most stressful time of the year.

i get into rhythms where the dialog or the facts come faster than i can write, so at first i write out hints that i have to fill in with correct grammar later.  a few days ago i got annoyed at how much i had to fill in when i got on a roll and wrote three pages of hinted-at dialog, but now i see it’s because i could have gone any of several ways with the same words, the same  descriptors.  Today i tried to preformat it, but will have to change it when i fill it out later.  So never mind.  it reminds me of this lady on an old bbs back in the day who would owrite in ellipses…like this…and never finish a sentance…

there were 255 words of the outline left unwritten at the end of the day.  that’s all tomorrow will be, judy’s fight with mom, and frank in the hospital.

i wrote 3212 words yesterday.  47079 total, so it’s not going to be hard to get to 50,000 words.  it’ll be hard to finish the story.

so now i’m headed down to the studio to start my next 3000 words.


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