author’s note.

well, i’m at 40,000 words.  coming up to the nanowrimo goal.  trouble with 50k words is that it’s not even novella length.  it’s filled-out outline first draft, is what it is.  if you’re really good at outlining.  my last completed unpublished novel – splat – was over 200,000 words, and that was only the final first draft.  i seem to have gotten better at complexity since then, because this story is farther along at 40k.  oops, no, i checked, i was still setting things up in splat.  so never mind.  anyway, 6 times longer than the 40k words i have now, that’s what i should need to finish.  grrr.  i’ve only got 150 pages.  that’s a long term paper if you’re in college.  i need a dissertation.

i’ll probably hit 50k words by the end of the weekend.  i’m not going to get very far next week.  my brother davie is coming in on tuesday.  and i’m still trying to talk my mom down, but she bagged on me last year and is making the same noises this year, so we’ll see.  but i’ll have the baby from monday, and i can’t wait to give him to his granduncle dave for spoiling.  xgiving is at jim’s son’s house which is cool because i’m not cooking this year YAY.  and then on the day after xgiving we’re going to have everybody over here, which is a real production, and i love it but can’t count on doing anything the following day.  so i don’t guess i’ll get anything done until after the weekend, and at that point there’s like three days left in november.  which is only another 10,000 words, and i don’t know if i’m going to be able to wrap it up in 6 days of work.  so i’ll be continuing this into december, which as i’ve said is the only way it’s ever going to get finished.

i was thinking about it the other day.  writing this kind of novel with multiple points of view and story arcs all twisted together, it’s very much like a sudoku puzzle.  you’ve got 9 strands going this way, by 9 other strands going that way, and a whole list of things has to happen with each one.  everything has to happen in its own order, and many things have to happen in order for the next thing to happen right, and it’s really easy to fuck up.

also, i noticed that writing like this is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.  there’s a little thrill when i suddenly see how one piece of plot fits in with all this stuff way over here and makes a bigger picture clear.

i love writing.  some day i’ll tell you about my dad.

today’s work started with an 894 word outline of chapter 15.  people at allen’s house smoking dope, and pretty much everybody at the club.  i’m projecting that to be my workload for the day, but we’re going out to a lawyers for the arts benefit (we donated so we get in free).

last night was fun, and we came away with goodies, but tonight’s going to be tiring, not just looking at the art, but at all the patrons.  Jim, bless his heart, is planning to bring a bunch of business cards.  I’m going to be passing out sneers and bantering with the bartender.  (i’ve done catering.  They hate us.)

By the time the day was over i had 504 words left of my 900 word outline.  just the stuff at allen’s.  but i wrote 2000 words and a bit.  So it wasn’t all bad.

it was interesting that i only got half of what i’d selected written.  that means i’m overestimating my progress.

i added to this note thruout the day, as i was working, and later in the middle of the night when i was awakened.  the lawyers for the arts thing was cool because we got to see a gallery where i’d like to show my encaustic paintings, and because they were serving dalwhinnie and other fantastic whiskys, and i wandered around with a stack of samples i mostly successfully brought back in the car for my morning coffee.  for the flavor.


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