author’s note

well.   i’m back to writing.  2500 words, that’s 10 pages.  i had to leave off at 4 to go to an art party where they gave a lot of art supply loot to a bunch of art teachers.  so i finished writing upstairs on my computer at the back of the house, while jim tries to get to sleep.  he’s got a dry cough.  i’m suspicious it’s swine flu.  not really.  jim’s friend jerry has swine flu, and his doctor told him he was going to be sick for a month, and then to recatch it and be sick for another month, and all thru the winter.  jerry is medically fragile.  so he’s in bed until the spring.  jerry would have creamed in his pants to get that loot.  jerry is a compulsive art supply collector, with one of size of every color in every medium in every brand.  he stores it all in his basement and only ever makes color charts.  i’m going to make a character out of him one of these days.  maybe both of them, because she’s quite a character herself.  a comedy murder mystery.  everything turns into comedies of errors for me.  life is a childish joke.

i spent about an hour fiddling with the outline this morning.  i went and color coded all the family members.  i would have wasted more time doing all the characters had word not had only 6 colors.  where’s that at, microsoft?  i mean thanks for not encouraging me to waste my time.  it wasn’t 7 hours today.  more like 5.  but once i’d tweaked things a little, i started writing, and it went easily and smoothly.  i’d mostly jotted down the subject i needed to cover with each encounter, and then just listened to how they’d say what they had to say.

it’s probably still too hectic with too little development at this point.  but that’s what second drafts are for.  like i have to go back and make sure it’s understood rick’s company is handling video security for the strip club, and there are a few more things i have to change retroactively that i don’t remember right now.

you get into a zone when you write.  when you do any art, really, it’s how you know it’s art.  this zone, you think all sorts of things while you’re busy creating stuff.  you have conversations in your head, rehearse scenes you’d like to see with loved ones and enemies.  anyway, i think things when i’m in the zone that i could never remember, like dreams i forget upon wakening.  i know these things have plots, like dreams, and that i’m working these plots out over and over with variations, the way i do in a night of dreaming.

which i guess i’d better get to, because jim’s been asleep.



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