author’s note

well, i didn’t do shit today.  actually, i did a lot, but there was a lot of time spent doing landlordy things in our tenant’s apartment.  i just didn’t write anything.

what i did do was to take all the rest of the story and re-re-arrange it.  i had already done this just a couple of days ago, but when i realized that i had completely neglected to start killing people off, i realized i had to redo it.

so i killed everyone off.  i worked out who dies when and at whose hand and how judy gets blamed for it.

but even tho i rearranged everything, i’ve got holes big enough to do bad things thru.  and there are some things just stuck in anywhere.

but again, it’s merest outline:

bill and sam and dave (hit)
bill and allen
allen and mom
judy and mom
judy and allen
tech guy and allen
frank and mom
judy and frank (hospital)

it’s getting harder and harder to write all day.  half a month of 7 hour days really burns you out.  and next week is xgiving when i’ll be totally distracted.  so it’s going into december, even tho i’ll have more than 50,000 words.  it won’t be finished for another 44 sections.  god help us all.


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