author’s note

maybe i should number these author’s notes.  oh well.

i got two sections done today.  today the baby was up late, but his fever was mostly gone, and he improved thruout the day.  i made him stay in the playpen with movies much of the day just to make him rest, and then let him run around like a wildman right around lunch.  he’s taking a nap now.

tomorrow i’ve got jury duty, so i’ll be taking in a notebook and scribbling in that all day.  i’ll transcribe whatever i’ve got when i get home.  we’ll still have the baby, and jim’ll have spent all day with him, so he’ll be tired.  i can’t promise much for tomorrow’s writing.  my mom and brother come in sometime thanksgiving week, so there goes at least 4 days of work there.  i might get to 20 days of writing before november’s up.  that’d be doing well.

i think i should just plow on when i get to december first, because if i don’t it’ll never get finished.  and it’s too much fun to just stop without figuring out what happens.

on the other hand, nobody’s reading this story, and the number of hits i get lessens every day.  i don’t much care.  i like my writing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t.  i have a friend who won’t read my fiction and stay friends with me, so okay.

tomorrow it’s more of the same.  allen and mom.


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