author’s note

today i had to stop and figure out who was where and what needed to happen just in the moment.  in order to write mom and allen, i have to know what’s happening during the same period with mom and judy, and judy and cindy, and cindy and bill, and bill and the feds, and gordon and laurie, and rick and gordon, and gordon and allen.

how many pages of shorthand notes did i write today instead of writing actual copy?  3000 words.  80 paragraphs, roughly that many sections.  i guess tomorrow i restart chapter 12 with actual prose.

in these notes i put in a smattering of dialog and a few indications of how the scene goes.  then i sorted it into sections.  i’ve got 24 sections to write.  this will probably take more than a day to do, so i’ve probably got a bunch of days of work outlined in front of me.

i thought of just publishing these 24 sketches as part of the novel.  but jim (my only reader) said he liked the way it was going, and that it would be better to keep up the pace rather than offer a complete break.  so i’ll flesh them all out.  24 sections.  how many have i been doing on a regular day?  i’ll look.  a couple of chapters had no section breaks (* * *), several had one or two, a preponderance had 4 or 5, and lately there’ve been more.  so that’s about a week’s work there.  okay.

after the 24 sections of the near future outline, i have a “later” section where i have assembled all the bits and pieces that end up happening, at the end.  which means i’m already starting to write the end of the story, and i’m only a hundred some pages into it.  this makes sense when you think that everything that happens in the story is a thread, and the threads are all loose ends, and all the loose ends have to be nicely knotted when i finish my story.  so i have to keep track of them.  and they shift when the part i’m writing  right now changes on me, which it does frequently.  (plot outline image)

at this point, day 13 of the nanowrimo month, i have got 30,000 words.  it sure goes quick.  it’s never easy to write consistently around xgiving, so it will taper off at the end.  frankly, i’ll be exhausted by then.


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