author’s note

it just keeps plowing along.  i have more to write than i can get to in a day.

i’m finding myself becoming obsessive.  this is appropriate given that i’m writing six or seven hours a day.  i have to snap myself out of it sometimes.  i get surly when it’s time to walk the dogs.

i was obsessive with the swine flu back when it hadn’t even gotten started.  i’ve been cured of this obsession since september (partly because i got kicked off two countem swine flu boards).  but whatever.  you get obsessed with stuff unique to you, and you run with it.

this is voluntary, on purpose obsession.  going to work each day and dedicating your energy and thoughts to your task.  only i’m not getting paid for it.  and you’re doing someone else’s tasks.  boy it’s draining, tho, isn’t it?  good thing nanowrimo only lasts the month of november.

i find myself already leaving out delicious little character things.  like how judy gifts cindy with handmade nasty crap cindy throws right in the garbage, and how cindy is stalking judy.  nothing about how they use their computers to harass each other.  a substory.  second draft.

i wonder.  i’m 130 pages into it (30,000 words) and still feel like i’m only starting.  i’m compressing everything, and still it feels like i’m hardly moving.  it’s the fairy thing, of course.  missing time.

tomorrow allen goes to see how mom’s doing, i’ll take care of the cindy-judy oversight.  rick browbeats allen, there’s gordon and the owner, and whoever else intrudes on my thinking.


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  1. drtombibey

    Once you get into a story it is hard to put it down; even more so for the writer than the reader ’cause it is personal.

    Dr. B

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