author’s note

i just lost the entire author’s note post by trying to save it when the internet was down.  oh well.  in it i mused that even tho i’m 10 days into writing, and over 22,000 words along, 50 pages of fiction and halfway thru the nanowrimo goal, i still feel like i’m at the beginning of the story.

i mused how i went back to find the first time cindy met alice, and was shocked how far back it was – day six out of nine.  so much ground was covered in three days.

i mused about the shoemaker and the elves, where the little bastards went and finished his work every night while he slept.  and how like that the creative flow is.  else that or it’s like whitley strieber’s missing time because aliens have zonked you.  or a drug induced catatonia while jim writes this story.  he says not.

then i was going on about swine flu, about how i spent my working day following swine flu boards and news items like the end of the world was near.  i was going to wonder if swine flu will be like normal flu in that you keep recatching it all winter and just never get unsick until the spring.

which was getting off the track.  the second draft of this story would contain all the cushioning.  the way i’m telling this, it’s just the bare essentials of what’s happening, with no fanfare, no descriptive passages.  hemingway would think i was being too staccato.  while the first draft is more than likely going to go on way past 50,000 words, the second draft would end up at 350 pages at least.  i don’t think i could write a neal stephenson style 900 page novel (a year), but i don’t have what he’s got (a devious mind).  and i don’t have the dedication, either.  sitting there for 6-7 hours a day is hard on me, and i don’t get anything else done.  i don’t know how people with office jobs don’t go mad, wasting all that time doing somebody else’s work.

a thousand words is 2 pages of 12 point single spaced type.  i don’t know what it translates to in printed pages.  i think a page of double spaced type is supposed to be equivalent to a page of published novel.  so that would make a page of print about 250 words.  that’s nothing.  let’s just count us up one, shall we?  12 words per line, 42 lines, that’s i don’ t know, 500 words.  double.  ANYWAY.

i’m still behind in my writing.  i mean i planned to get farther in a day.  so i’m still working on the same day even tho it’s going to be chapter eleven.  i’ve already half written some of it.  as ever, i’m waiting for the characters to tell me what to write.


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