author’s note

today was day nine.  days seven and eight were the weekend, and we had people over, so i only got a little bit done each day.  so i stuck them together.  today i didn’t get all that much done either, but i got to a stopping place, so we’ll call it a chapter.

i’ve got several pages of notes now.  whenever i write something happening, like allen in the strip club, i always see down the road a bit, to how some scheme will evolve and go south.   so i scroll to the end of the file and write a bunch of lines of unpunctuated dialog that outlines what’s going to happen.  i stuck down several paragraphs about cindy and allen, for example, that will find its way into a later chapter, maybe mostly intact.

as far as the story line, it’s going slower than it was in the very beginning.   and in slightly different ways.  nobody’s abandoned my plans for them as yet, but it’s getting harder to box them in so they do what i want.

i’m actually really struggling.  writing the two feds was difficult until i sat and listened to them surveilling for awhile.  and i have been avoiding judy and frank for a few days.

today, i’m not sure what i’ll write today.  cindy maybe.


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