author’s note

day six went a bit easier than i had imagined.  when i went to bed last night i had no idea how to start this morning’s work.  but i came awake around 2 in the morning and took care of some email and forum things that i’d been putting off because they involved so much research.  so i did that, and then heard jim switching on the light to see what time it was.  so i went back to bed, and we talked out what had to happen next.

it was all about mom and frank.  and about allen and gordon.  and my hesitation about doing cindy and alice.  it seemed such an artificial twist until i actually sat down with it this morning.  at 3 in the morning my imagination really runs wild.  not far off a dreamstate.  so it was no trouble to figure out what frank had to be doing over at mom’s, and the long term consequences of that.  or allen and gordon.

jim remarked that i needed to start getting to the sex soon.  if everybody is going to be sleeping with someone’s spouse, and if i’m already 6 chapters into the story, then we’re going to have to do a gang bang if i don’t start soon.  i’ve already started with rick and bill,  so i figured i’d continue with cindy and alice, and work on gordon and allen, and frank and mom.  if i had a black character i’d throw in interracial sex too.  i’ve got everything else.  two counts of homosexuality, child porn, prostitution, sex between old people.  but that’s all later.

i keep forgetting to talk about the two feds in the club.  i guess maybe i’ll get to that tomorrow.


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