author’s note

today i wasn’t able to devote my entire day to writing.  we had a guest, so i put down my keyboard and fled to the garden to transplant some things, now that’s it’s fall.

the work is going slowly.  i had planned on doing twice what i’d gotten done today, but i had to wait  a long time for inspiration.

more things i didn’t know.  i didn’t know judy was such an alcoholic as she is.  i didn’t know she would run into rick.  i didn’ t know she bought her weed from allen.  i didn’t know the family name was fuchs until yesterday.  i didn’t know rick’s wife was named alice, and almost named her helene instead.

i go with what occurs to me when i have to wait to see what happens next.  this means i skip right over dialog and the details of action.  this moves things along much faster than if i had to draw it out and describe it.  it would make my kid happy, she who thinks i make every story much longer than it has to be.

i have figured out more things about the plot as i’ve been sitting there watching my fingers write a story.  like who kills whom.  gordon will kill his brother rick.  but so will his own wife alice.  and allen kills gordon.  the only people i don’t have figured out yet is who kills alice and who kills bill.  oh yeah and who kills laurie.  the spice.  they deserve to die, too.

oh, and i have no clue how i’m going to handle what happens tomorrow.


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