author’s note

well, today the characters began to trash my plot.  for one thing, i saw who cindy’s husband is, suddenly, when i picked the name bill, and he’s nothing like i planned to write him.

i was going to make judy’s brief indiscretion with bill ruin bill’s sex life with cindy.  but bill is a born philanderer, and his thing with judy at his wedding was but one of many quickies with other women.  so cindy has to put out all the time because bill won’t let her say no.  and in the strip club, his attraction to laurie is going to have an entirely different flavor.  i can still have judy’s sex life ruined, tho, and that’s fine.

at this beginning stage, i really need to be putting in loads of little details that will have a bearing on what happens afterwards.  in fact, if i don’t liberally salt the plot here and now, i won’t have any wiggle room by the time i get to the crunch.  but a lot of this is going to have to wait until the second draft, if any.

i have no idea what i’m going to write tomorrow.  most of it will take place in the strip club, but whether it covers only the night or the next day as well, i don’t know yet.  i’m not sure if i’m going to be mentioning judy and frank at all, or mom directly.  it may just be gordon and laurie, rick and bill.  oh and the two feds.  i get to introduce them, too.

jim read the chapter as the pages came from the typewriter (not really), and remarked that altho it seemed consistent with the pace i’ve set, it didn’t seem as funny as he thought day two came out.  he said not to worry, it was more character development than plot, but i can’t tell anyway so i’m not going to get upset by a bad review.  i think it’ll be more situation comedy whenever we’re in the strip club, and we might be there a few times before the story is done.

i’m still having fun.  i spent more time staring at the dog sleeping at my feet than i have the previous two days, and i’m finding that these few words are taking me all day to write, like 6 or 7 hours a day in two shifts.  that’s a lot.

in three days i’ve written 8227 words.  more tomorrow.


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