author’s note

okay, it’s started.  i put my first 1800 words down this afternoon, and i’ve just posted it here.  you can follow the story only, if you like, by choosing STORY from the bar on the right.

i had no idea what my characters would be doing while having conversations with mom, and several times i had to stop and ask how they sounded and what they were saying, but it came out easily enough.

i had to keep adjusting the characters, making sure that judy wasn’t too much like cindy being too much like rick sounding like gordon.

the difficulty with what mom says to set them off was solved with a stroke.  i simply reported what they heard, rather than what she said.  i left the report of what she actually said until it was time to tell her side.

tomorrow i have to write more of each sibling’s day, introducing their spice and giving more details about how they run their lives.  but i think i’m thru chapter one at this point.  and that’s interesting.  maybe writing this sketchily i can manage to actually get thru this hugely complex plot in a month of writing.

as it is, i’m excited about having gotten a good start that didn’t go where i was intending.


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