chapter 3 plotting

okay.  lot of action at the strip club.  gordon hangs out doing odd jobs for the management while laurie works.  both cindy’s husband and rick visit the strip club, never crossing paths.  gordon makes sure he isn’t seen.  neither one knows laurie is gordon’s girlfriend, neither know the other is also interested in her, she plays them both for fools.  the federal agents are there posing as customers, gathering information about crimes.  both cindy’s husband and rick approach them about killing mom.  they take the jobs but don’t actually kill mom.  cindy’s husband hires his employee to run mom’s car off the road in his mack truck.  this doesn’t work either.  when rick decides to start killing his siblings instead he goes to the feds-in-disguise for advice.  gordon finds a way to infiltrate the feds.  gordon also angles his way into part ownership of the strip club.


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