the second chapter

okay.  in the first chapter, we get both sides of a conversation mom has with each of her kids.  first the kids’ side, then mom’s.  it turns out the conversations are drastically different depending on whose viewpoint.  but we now have some idea why they want to kill her.  infantile, but there you are.

in the second chapter, we see each kid at home in their family.  they start talking over their desire to get rid of mom for whatever reasons, and the spouse supports the decision with rather more interest than they let on.  then the siblings start talking to each other.  each one brings up the subject of getting rid of mom, and each waxes eloquent about how they’d do it.  as each one says how they’d do it, the listening sibling thinks how convenient it would be if mom got killed and the other sibling got blamed for it.  after that, each sibling begins to make arrangements to have her assassinated by some third party.

so in the third chapter we go to the strip club where practically every one of them discuss their plans to kill mom.  federal agents, undercover as customers in the club, begin to pick up on these conversations, and start to notice the siblings, without knowing who they are as yet, or their connections.  and other things happen.

but i’ve got the first two chapters pretty much figured out.  but only in the larger sense, because i have no idea how the kids are at home, or what their spice are going to sound like.  i haven’t spent much time with the siblings’ spice yet.

and i only have another 7 or 8 days to figure it out before i have to start writing and let them figure it out for me…


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