the first chapter reprised

i was intending to write the first chapter entirely from mom’s perspective, but mom’s a nice person who cares for her kids, and nothing from her perspective would lead you to understand why the kids hate her.  and it’s necessary to have in mind why they want to kill her, from the beginning.

so i’m going to have to write the first chapter from the kids’ perspectives instead.  from their perspectives, mom exists to torment them.

what i’m intending to do at this point is to write a series of conversations that each kid has with mom, giving both sides of the actual conversation with asides by the kids.  only at the end of the chapter, or the beginning of the next, will i revisit the conversations, this time from mom’s perspective.  altho the dialog will be sort of the same, the meanings will be wildly different.

this reflects how everyone sees everything from their own perspective, which bears no resemblance to how anyone else sees it, and makes true objectivity impossible.  i’m not sure why this is at the moment, i just know that i personally struggle to find the ‘truth’ in anything anyone says.

especially in the case of a friend of ours who is currently in jail.  the versions of what happened vary incredibly depending on who i talk to, and are a real object lesson for the point i’m trying to make.  too bad i can’t use this is my story.


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