hi mom

i finally got my mom to read this blog, and boy is she disappointed.  terminally bored is how she put it.  but mom, i protested, i haven’t even started writing yet.

bored.  that’s a relief.  i thought she’d start reading into it and get upset.  but evidently she’s been around and isn’t buying.  let me think how she put it – something like if she could put up with all the truly horrible crap we put her thru for all those years, then she isn’t about to take what i’m writing seriously.  and that’s good.

and mom, you can add comments. nobody’s going to know who you are, just like nobody knows who i am.  i’m a pretty anonymous writer, and you can be my mom.  or you can sign in as someone else.  i might not even know it’s you.

for those of you who don’t care to read my ruminations about why characters behave the way they do, then you should just skip this part and go straight to the actual written story.  which won’t be begun being written (ooh that’s grammatical i’m sure) until the beginning of november.  so if you want to skip to the bad part, then check here come november first:



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