a friend of mine

a friend of mine was telling me the story of her fucked up family.  she’s got a sister who under the guise of concern stalks my friend and goes out of her way to make up family secrets to tell her friends, and offers to mess up any attempts my friend makes to improve her life.  she’s bi-polar.

i know a woman who had a baby and then her sister tried to get custody of her kid with their dad’s collusion.

it’s a screwed up world out there.  my family might as well be called normal for how bad we didn’t turn out.  i’m the only loser in the bunch, the others all have viable pursuits and paychecks of sorts and they’re successfully married and nobody’s killed anyone or been committed.  they’re all republicans, but what can you do?

so i figured i’d take the stalking thing and slip it in.  i think i’ll make judy the stalker of cindy.  she keeps trying to make up for the insult of so many years ago, and cindy takes it for a hostile act.  judy just thinks she’s not trying hard enough and sends her presents, puts stuff on her my space page, leaves comments on cindy’s my space page, gets mad at being ignored (or some other slight) and posts threatening things, write letters that she sends.  writes letters she doesn’t send.  it all adds up, and let’s see, how does she get pinned for cindy’s death, oh yes, i remember, nicotine poisoning.


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