i’ve been thinking about my family members.

judy doesn’t much like her husband and puts barriers in the way of loving him.  she picks on him about his forgetfulness and tells him what to do.  she keeps a diary, or rather scribbles notes to herself on scraps of paper that end up stuck anywhere.  this implicates her in all the murders because she compulsively writes her darkest thoughts down.  judy is always forgetting everything.  her husband goes around and sorts things out himself, tossing whole piles of stuff when he finds it annoying to walk over them.  they don’t talk, and barely have exchanges.  their schedules are different and they only share meals and a bed, and not always that.  they’re together out of habit, sort of congenial hatred.  and yet they’re stuck together at the hip.  she thinks he relies on her and treats him like a baby, and is completely dependent on knowing his every move so he won’t leave her.

cindy is obsessive/compulsive.  she’s superstitious, and anxious, and thinks that if she is watchful enough she’ll know the perfect moment when it comes.  she does this hyperaware thing all the time, startles when the phone rings, gets palpitations, is hypochondriac.

the youngest son has menier’s disease and is susceptible to sudden loud noises.  he’s into child porn and the feds get onto him and there’s some huge fuckup that happens here.  maybe it ends up with the girlfriend’s death.  maybe he decides to kill rick because he’s sleeping with the girlfriend.

rick runs a software firm, not whatever blue collar thing i had him doing at first.  he’s into finance things and is running some scam that has left him by a quirk of the market in horrible debt.  he met laurie, the youngest son’s girlfriend, in a strip club where she works, and is involved in some scheme with the owner.  laurie knows something about this, and comes to the attention of the feds when they investigate the youngest son for kiddie porn.  his sending allen over to mom’s for the first hit ends up with allen ratting out everyone and being the government’s star witness.

so, a twist.  gradually the feds become involved with the whole family dynamic thing.  what other involvement can there be?  cindy’s husband the trucking company owner can be shipping things he shouldn’t, and since cindy sends one of the drivers for the first hit on mom, this’s going to be stumbled on by the feds.  and judy has to be in here as well, because her case is going to be made by the feds as well.  how can that work?… misinterpretation of her scribbles, of course.

mom is hypochondriac, like some of her kids, and codependent rather than alcoholic.  she married an alcoholic and became the great enabler.  she has pack rat tendencies as well, but it’s not unmanageable.  her house is suspiciously neat until you go beyond closed doors and then it gets dangerous.  she is dismissive and contemptuous of her children’s achievements because she sees the corners they cut and disapproves of their ethics.  she was raised in the great depression and clings to the basics while everything has become so decadent and self indulgent.  she’s a right wing republican xian with a self righteous air and the reek of piety.  she lives in fear.  she’s a victim and makes others pay for her suffering.

i’ve given so many bad characteristics to the kids that i thought i’d just heap a few on mom here.  every one of her kids displays versions of the same bad habits that dwarf mom’s, and hate her because they see themselves as reflections of her.  cindy is absolutely irrational about how she doesn’t want to be like mom, and rick has an elaborate psychological rating system that puts him on one side of sane and mom on the other.  the youngest son and judy agree that mom is like a poor pitiful child trapped in an old lady’s body.  this is why cindy and rick decide to kill mom first.


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