plot continued

jim and i have been brainstorming.  i realized i had to get going on the plot structure, and so made him read several blog entries so he’d know how far i’d gotten.  and then we sat in the kitchen while i dreamed up things that have to happen and he poked holes or finished sentences for me.

in a previous post we got to the what happens next part where the kids start fighting among themselves, and then i lost my threads. all i knew was that cindy, the second daughter, and the eldest son were the ones who started it.  so here goes at a second try.

the third son is a slum lord.  he catches a tenant, allen, with loads of illegal drugs in his apartment and several months late on the rent, and makes a deal with him – kill mom for free rent and no arrest.  allen agrees and goes off with an elaborate plot to electrocute mom, or maybe drown her, or maybe cause a floor to collapse and crush her inside her house.  allen thinks up different ways to do it, all convoluted and doomed to failure.  while arranging accidents, he decides to take pity on mom, and begins to work fixing things around the house.  pretty soon he decides to abandon the eldest son’s plot and become mom’s ally, moving into a spare room and taking care of mom

cindy gets one of her husband’s employees (her husband owns a trucking company) to go over and cut the brake line to mom’s car.  allen is in the car when the brakes fail, and saves mom.  thus are both first attempts foiled.

the siblings rethink their ideas for murder.  cindy helps the eldest son’s wife come up with her own dead plot for mom.  the wife goes to the house and spreads oil on the kitchen floor, hoping to make mom slip and break her hip, while  the eldest son, deciding to do it himself, goes over to the house to turn on the gas and turn on the electric space heater and cause an explosion.  in the dark he slips on the oil on the kitchen floor and hurts his back.  once he’s gone, allen gets up to get a beer he has hidden in back of the fridge, smells gas and turns it off, sees the heater on and turns it off as well, and goes back to bed.

the affair between cindy and the eldest son’s wife is discovered, and the eldest son starts plotting against cindy.

it’s halloween.  the youngest son, who doesn’t want to kill mom, goes over to mom’s house to help allen work on structural issues.  his wife laurie does want to kill mom, and practices on passers by with poison darts.  the youngest son comes home with weed in his pocket to find cops at his door, and narrowly avoids arrest.  meantime, the eldest son has donned a costume and gone off to kill mom.  the eldest son’s wife puts a costume off and gone to kill mom, this being the idea she thought up.  but cindy has also donned a mask and gone to kill mom.  the three stumble upon each other in mom’s yard, and are discovered by allen, who causes confusion and panic, and the eldest son gets shot, crippling him.  the eldest son’s wife then plots to kill him as well.

now it’s thanksgiving, and mom announces that she and allen are getting married.  everyone’s horrified because they can see he’s just a leach and stands to inherit everything because mom is rewriting her will to favor him and some charity.  the youngest son now decides to kill mom.  he sets up a live wire in the laundry room.  cindy’s husband’s hired guy breaks into the house with a crowbar looking to beat mom to death, and gets electrocuted instead.  the youngest son starts plotting against someone…and laurie sends mom poisoned chocolates but someone else eats them…and something else…and someone else…

there are so many variables.  i could have any one of them decide to kill any other one.  but it needs to be elegant, poetic, and much more complicated.

how’s that sound so far, tho?


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