it’s an ancient theme with a long and glorious history.   second only to patricide as the most horrific of deeds.  and yet, it’s just another common human emotion.  like, who doesn’t adore baby stewie’s attempts to kill lois?

it’s not that you actively want her dead, it’s just that you’d like to have her not alive.

i remember hating my mom. it was between about 13 and 18.  i’ve spent years apologizing, and now that i’m a mom, i understand and have suffered in my turn (i wish my daughter all the best when her kid gets to be that age).

i remember my kid hating me.  she went out of her way to be rude and dismissive, insulting and hateful.  then she got responsibility and grew up some, and she’s fine now, thanks.  the thing was that i could hardly help laughing when she pulled the same shit on me that i dished out to my mom.


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