children of alcoholics

we are all codependents.  the list of things that are wrong with children of alcoholics is  incredibly long and complex.  it’s very depressing reading about people who are fucked up.  25 years ago, when my exhusband (not my ex the ax murderer) was in rehab, i went to a lot of anonymous groups for help.  i went to alanon first, but there wasn’t always a meeting, so when i needed to go every day, i’d go to an alcoholics anonymous meeting.  i went to narcotics anonymous meetings, coke anonymous meetings, adult children of alcoholics meetings.  altho i got a lot out of it, and highly recommend it, i found it was too much of a religion in itself, and too easy to abuse (i was in nyc.  one prominent comic who is now in public office used to come to meetings and mine the pain for his self-help schlub shtick) (one of the adult children self help groups is so healthily into self expression that people scream and throw fits during meetings).

what’s so funny about being an alcoholic?  nick and nora made many movies out of it, plenty of actors have been drunk on camera or onstage, the antics of drunks are comic as hell.  but it’s so pathetic, and makes me so angry.  so of course it’s going to feature in this story.

the eldest daughter smokes weed, and whenever she’s around the family she tends to drink.  she gets very drunk and then gets sick and remains sick for the rest of the visit.

the second daughter is addicted to prescription drugs.  she goes to a script doctor who has outfitted her with a home pharmacy, where she custom blends for specific effects.  she experiences side effects.

the third son studiously avoids drugs of all kinds.  no caffeine, no salt.  he’s very serious, very sanctimonious, and we might as well call him a dry drunk.

the fourth son makes no bones about being addicted.  he’s addicted to everything from coke to diet pills and coke.  he can’t function without sedation.

mom is the classic codependent, but since dad died she’s brought out the alcoholic within.



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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  2. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday. 🙂

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